A Conspiracy of What? And by Whom?

Before I point out the many errors in one of the most egrregious wrongful conviction cases ever, the 1992 paper mill death of Tom Monfils, I must say that I am deeply saddened by the insulting nature of a case that would be laughable if not utterly tragic. A community torn apart by a ridiculous series of events that led to the convictions of six innocent men sends chills up and down my spine. Why?

The argument that these “union thugs” became party to a “conspiracy” or “code of silence” through harassment that got out of hand and turned into murder, seems plausible enough. But then you learn that these men were from two different unions and some of them didn’t even know each other until that fateful day. You are then asked to accept that they collectively forged a rock solid pact between themselves to protect this damning secret of murder. How on earth can any of us believe that this action could go anywhere but south and lead to imprisonment for all of them because of the improbability that all of them could remain silent, especially under pressure by the authorities. Now imagine placing that amount of trust in one or more persons considered only as acquaintances or being able to work alongside them efficiently, disposing of a body no less and in record time. Finally, imagine this collaborative effort is accomplished without a trace of physical evidence or eyewitnesses.

I can no longer subject myself to older related news stories because of my knowledge of the questionable tactics used to terrify vulnerable victims and send six innocent men to prison! I recall an old video clip with an image of all six men being paraded out of the courtroom in handcuffs after being found guilty. I recall also having been told by a family member how she found herself amidst cheers in a public restaurant when that news was televised. But the most devastating thing of all is an understanding of the ONLY true conspiracy-the one forged by the very people sworn to uphold an oath to defend the absolute truth.

Below is a list of facts deemed accurate by our legal team. In my opinion, they do not begin to tell the complete story of the deceit, trickery and downright unethical tactics used during the original two and a half year investigation. The dedication and countless hours being donated by those willing to uncover these untruths is admirable and I stand in awe of a situation that represents the worst as well as the best of humanity…

The six men are innocent. They did not murder Tom Monfils.

A crucial mistake by the Green Bay Police Department set a series of events in motion which led to the disappearance of Tom Monfils.

Many known aspects of the case were never considered or explored. The current team of lawyers is looking at evidence that was never examined before that will prove the men are innocent.

The trial transcripts have been thoroughly reviewed and the team is working with specific experts in various fields of forensic sciences. The evidence on which these men were convicted was insufficient, unreliable, and flat out false.

Multiple “jailhouse snitches” were put on the stand and their testimony was considered credible.  

Potential witnesses who worked at the mill were threatened with losing their jobs, etc… if they did not agree to testify to specific information.   

It took 2 ½ years to bring this case to trial due to the lack of evidence.

Two years after the body was found, a witness, (considered a suspect) suddenly fabricated a “repressed memory” of an incident he claims happened. Even though his testimony was deemed credible, there were no witnesses or murder weapons presented to support it.

That key witness has since recanted. 

All six men were tried together in a single trial. Three of them are named Michael. 

Shortly after he “solved” this case and the men were convicted, the lead detective was fired.  

One of the men was exonerated after five and a half years of incarceration. He has always maintained innocence for himself as well as the other five. After news spread of his release a juror wrote to him stating the confusion they all felt as a jury and admitted it was easier to apply the guilty verdicts to all of them. It took a mere eight hours for the jury to convict all six men.  

Having been in prison for close to twenty years, none of the remaining five men have ever admitted to committing murder and to this day they maintain their absolute innocence. 

Additional information about the Monfils case.


3 thoughts on “A Conspiracy of What? And by Whom?

  1. Joan Treppa Post author

    Reblogged this on Joan Treppa and commented:

    Today is the last day before our evidentiary hearing in Green Bay, WI. We are taking last minute measures to prepare for the five hour drive over to attend this event. We will pick up our special passenger in Minneapolis later this morning after he is through doing a brief interview. My husband Mike and I learned yesterday that we have been approved for a special visit to meet Reynold Moore, one of the five incarcerated men. That visit is scheduled for Saturday, July 11th, the day after the hearing ends. He will be the third in our mission to meet all five men and we are very excited! Rey was and still is considered a close friend of my sister Clare and I remember hearing about his kindness towards her before he was sent away. As usual, I will share that experience with you. I will be taking notes and I plan to blog about what has been covered on each day of this hearing. I have an extremely busy week ahead so I better get to it!

    This reblog covers well known facts as laid out in the book, The Monfils Conspiracy (Amazon) and was the piece of literature that compelled me to step into this fight for freedom. Please think of these men and their families as we embark on this crucial stage. Thank you!

    1. Joan Treppa Post author

      Thank you Marge. I appreciate your gracious comment. Attending the hearing the past two days made me realize the extent of the emotional damage that has been put on everyone involved but also the many good people now working to correct this injustice. I believe this time the powers that be will lean on the side of those hoping for vindication.


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