An Especially Glaring Implication…

Sometime during the morning of Friday, March 28, 2014, Brian Kellner, one of the prosecution’s star witnesses in the Tom Monfils 1995 murder case, died from a blood clot, (possibly) induced from treatments he was undergoing for cancer.

I found the following listing in the Green Bay Press Gazette the next day on Saturday, March 29, 2014. Even though it was a last minute addition to the paper with little time to elaborate on the life of this person, it still saddened me to note the lack of substance it contained, despite Mr. Kellner’s vastly publicized and historically critical role in what continues to be one of the most publicized court cases in all of Wisconsin. I couldn’t help but feel extreme loneliness and isolation for this man.


Brian A. Kellner


Kellner, Brian A.

Brian A. Kellner, 57, Denmark, died Friday, March 28, 2014. Funeral arrangements are incomplete and will be announced by Blaney Funeral Home.


On the exact same day that this announcement appeared, there was an interview published in the online version of the Green Bay Press Gazette in which the lead detective in the Monfils case, Randy Winkler, who successfully achieved the convictions of six (innocent) men, chastises Mr. Kellner by stating rather proudly how he “bluffed” Kellner into giving a (false) statement.

Note: After realizing the implications of his mistake in giving false testimony during the trial concerning an alleged “bubbler” confrontation (which supposedly took place at the mill the morning of the disappearance of Tom Monfils), Brian Kellner tried in vain to recant that testimony. Up until the very day he died, Mr. Kellner stood by that recantation and the reasoning behind its initiation.

On the following day, Sunday, March 30, 2014, an article that disclosed a more in depth account of the Randy Winkler interview was also printed in the hard copy version of the paper along with this link to that interview:

Green Bay Press Gazette

To me this begs for a serious discussion about possible intent in the timing of these two articles. Was it coincidental? Or a bit of indifference on the behalf of Winkler? Not out of the question for this advocate…


One thought on “An Especially Glaring Implication…

  1. Joan Treppa Post author

    Reblogged this on Joan Treppa and commented:

    On Wednesday July 22, 2015, Mr. Randy Winkler, the former detective in the Monfils case takes the stand at an evidentiary hearing in Green Bay, WI. I’d like to point out that the reason for this extended hearing date is because Mr. Winkler had a vacation planned during the July 8-9 court dates that he was allowed to take despite being subpoenaed.

    During the first phase of the hearing we heard testimony from witnesses that described his tactics far differently than how he states them in the video clip. On Wednesday, he will have the chance to clear the air, once and for all.
    One final note: After the convictions were handed down and Mr. Winkler had achieved success in solving the largest case to date in Wisconsin history, he disappeared into obscurity and was never heard from again.


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