Precarious Concerns….

This segment should have been the third installment in my series to examine the contents of a recent 152-page motion filed in an extremely egregious wrongful conviction case from Green Bay, Wisconsin, that landed six innocent men in prison for life in 1995. However, it was suggested to me that the timing could do more harm than good in the scheme of things.

As a blogger, I am all about the latest information and I understand that as a truth crusader I must help lead the way in disseminating truths often dismissed, denied, ignored or banished altogether. However, I’m a messenger with a high degree of integrity. I will fight to stay humble in my convictions and I will not, under any circumstances, sacrifice my ideals or cross a line merely to be the first to share something that could cause irreparable damage.

The fact that this motion is currently working its way through the legal system is a consideration I take very seriously but in my ignorance of the lawful implications, there were consequences I failed to consider. In my absence of possessing a legal mind, I overlooked the fact that in an already heightened atmosphere of resentment by those opposing new information concerning this case, my writings can be viewed as antagonistic. Unfortunately, the topic for this week’s installment would have been especially precarious.

I am hoping that this series can be reinstated soon. In the meantime, I will continue to carry on and share my knowledge of wrongful convictions.

For those who have not yet had access, I am again posting the direct link to the 152-page motion filed in the Wisconsin wrongful conviction case on October 31st, 2014 by the Minneapolis law firm of Fredrikson & Byron, PA.



4 thoughts on “Precarious Concerns….

  1. Carol A. Hand

    A difficult decision, but one based on integrity and wisdom, Joan. I look forward to reading your future announcement that the long years of work and effort have freed innocent men.

    1. Joan Treppa Post author

      Thank you so much Carol. I too, look forward to that day. Today I was looking at some of my old documentation regarding past advocacy measures and came across a letter in particular that I had written to the Attorney General of Wisconsin in 2010. I pleaded with him to reopen this case but in his reply, he assured me that his office was quite satisfied with the verdicts. I stressed to him that it was only a matter of time before we find the right people to take action and that we would not give up until we do. It was comforting to realize that my determination is as strong today as it was back then.


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