A Refreshing Perspective…

In a recent blog I referenced a news story about the Monfils case that would air soon on a major Minneapolis TV station. In my six years of advocating for the men in this case, it’s rare to find stories absent of the biases and negative slants contained in the ones from the Green Bay area. They are prejudicial, full of inaccuracies and half-truths and they rehash the same so-called facts that lend nothing new for viewers to digest. If new details surface, such as those in recent months strongly suggesting the case was mishandled, those details get clouded over with less significant information categorized as “ridiculous” and “asinine” by those who would be better suited to refrain from commenting.


Reporter/attorney Ted Haller and cameraman Josh Grenier filming Johnny Johnson

This Minneapolis take on an old criminal case is a refreshing diversion from the same ‘ol and it touches on multiple themes. Highlighted are efforts forged by those who came on board after the fact to devote time and resources getting to the heart of what really happened. This opportunity benefitted the additional victims of this tragedy-the families of these men, who’ve suffered for too many years in silence. I believe this fresh angle gives viewers a better picture of the circumstances surrounding the death of Tom Monfils which allows everyone to reach a plausible conclusion based on solid facts.

Reliable sources have suggested that the media in smaller regions tend to get caught up in the pandering of the local law enforcement community who is, in essence, their sole bread and butter. This is unfortunate and most likely inescapable. But what this means is that we as viewers receive questionable information sanctioned by those whose only interest is to share a specific point of view. Many of us realized early on that the only way to tell a more accurate, unbiased story was to place it in the hands of an objective entity. The Minneapolis area was an obvious place to start.

This segmentappeared on KMSP-Fox 9 in the Twin Cities on Sunday April 26, 2015. Ted and Josh gave viewers a refreshing perspective on a heartbreaking story.

*The story was later nominated for a Regional Emmy Award in media. It’s listing was in the investigative crime category. It came very close to winning.


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