Was it Murder? The Essence of a Wrongful Conviction Case…

7-5-2015 As we approach the evidentiary hearing in Green Bay, WI which is three days away, I want to reflect back on an earlier post that introduces the legal motion filed in the fall of 2014…

Joan Treppa

Welcome! This week I am embarking on a new series that examines major aspects of a recent 152-page motion ❶ regarding a murder case from 1992 that questions the legitimacy of the convictions of six mill workers, Keith Kutska, Rey Moore, Dale Basten, Michael Hirn, Michael Johnson and Michael Piaskowski. This motion was filed in a Brown County Courtroom in Green Bay, WI on October 31, 2013 on behalf of Keith Kutska. All of the men were sent to prison for life in 1995 for the murder of a co-worker, Tom Monfils, during a joint trial, but one of them, Michael Piaskowski was exonerated in 2001. Despite that fact, the others have remained in prison for close to twenty years for a crime that is believed to have never happened.

Before my involvement, I knew nothing about this case or the people affected by it. In fact, I have no…

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