A Convoluted Process…

7-6-2015 Two days until the evidentiary hearing. Here is another earlier post with links regarding the final motion filed by the law firm requesting this hearing. Today I awoke to clouds and rain. Befitting of my mood as this fateful day approaches. Today is packing day for our historic trip to Wisconsin while keeping at bay, too many dreary thoughts. Last week I sent messages to the five men telling them that Mike and I will be transporting a very special supporter of this cause to the hearing. Keith wrote back and said it has him “curious” and “the suspense is taxing his imagination.” Just wait until he finds out who it is…

Joan Treppa

My good friend and partner Johnny J who is a retired private investigator openly states that he has always been enamored with the American judicial process because of our ability to go back and fix what is broken. He believes there is a dominance of ethics to balance the conflict of power and those who continue to abuse the system will be forced to modify their behavior or lose their integrity and whatever follows. In observing the system from the vantage point of a citizen advocate with an accelerated view between the most daunting side and a positive, more encouraging one, I have to agree.

As citizens it is our right to be granted fair and unbiased representation and characterization but there is an astounding amount of corruption that is robbing us all of these basic civil rights. I am no longer blind to what is happening within a system…

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