A Conspiracy of What? And by Whom?

Tomorrow is the final day of our evidentiary hearing in Green Bay, WI. On this trip we will be accompanied by our special friend, exoneree Mario Victoria Vasquez. We are excited for him on this day because before we head out of town, we will sit on the sidelines and watch as he engages in an interview being conducted here in Minneapolis, giving him a chance to tell his side of a tragic story that has taken 17 years of his life.

Another source of excitement is something my husband, Mike, and I learned only yesterday-that we have been approved for a special visit to meet Reynold Moore, one of the five men convicted in the death of Tom Monfils. Rey has always been a dear friend to my sister, Clare. Many times I’ve heard her speak of the kindness he bestowed upon her before being convicted. This visit is scheduled for Saturday, July 11th, the day after the hearing concludes. We are sure to have plenty to talk about. After this visit with Rey we will have two visits left before completing all of them with the five incarcerated men.

I will share that visit soon but for now, the focus of my next few blogs will be on what was covered during the 3-day hearing.

This reblog covers crucial facts as laid out in The Monfils Conspiracy -the book that compelled me to step into this fight for freedom. Please think of these men and their families as we embark on this next phase in that fight. Thank you!

Joan Treppa

Before I point out some of the many errors in this Wisconsin wrongful conviction case, I have to say that I am deeply saddened by the insulting nature of a case that would seem almost laughable if it wasn’t so tragic. A community torn apart by the ridiculous scenario sends a chill down my spine. The argument that these “union thugs” became party to a “conspiracy” or “code of silence” thought to have been established by harassment that got out of hand and turned into murder seems plausible enough. But then you learn that these men were from two different unions and some of them did not even know each other. You are then asked to accept that they made a solid pact amongst themselves to protect this secret at all costs (including possible imprisonment) which meant placing an exorbitant amount of trust in each other all while being able…

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