“Collateral Damage”

As we approach the second phase of the evidentiary hearing for Keith Kutska this week in Green Bay, WI on Wednesday July 22, 2015, I wanted to share a previous blog post authored by a family member who knows Keith well and has supported his innocence from the beginning. I met Brenda shortly after I stepped into this fight for freedom. We’ve become family and we continue to stand side by side, moving forward in the face of this adversity towards true justice. Brenda represents the many victims in this case and the hardships they have faced for over two decades.

Joan Treppa

We always focus our attention on the immediate victims in any tragedy but we often forget about those whose lives are torn apart as a result. In the context of wrongful convictions I’ve referred to them as “collateral damage”; the forgotten ones who signify the rest of the tragedy that no one ever acknowledges. I wanted to share a testimony (edited for length) that was written by one such person. Her name is…well…let me step aside so she can tell you herself…

My name is Brenda Kutska. I am Keith Kutska’s daughter-in-law and this is our lives. Our worries started when the body of Tom Monfils was found in the pulp vat at James River Paper Mill in 1992. We all went on with our lives as best we could but with the police following Keith and his wife Ardie around everywhere as well as watching their house. Keith and…

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