A Live Blog Talk Radio Broadcast…

I’m posting a link to a live broadcast that will air today at 3 pm CST.  For a second time, I will be a guest on The Naked Talk with my friend Alex Okoroji from Lagos, Nigeria.

On the show, I will share updates about the Wisconsin Monfils case. The show will also feature former guest, life coach and author, Nina Bingham. Nina will help out with a discussion about social issues; bullying and suicide-hot button topics related to wrongful convictions and to our society in general.

Also on the show, is friend and colleague, Joan Van Houten. Posted here is a link to a story Joan has written about her personal tragedy of having a loved one targeted (in the Monfils case) for a faulty conviction.

My friend and Minneapolis colleague Mark Saxenmeyer will be a call-in guest to talk about his company, The Reporters Inc.

Mark will share his interest of including the Monfils case involving Joan’s stepfather in a documentary he is currently producing called, The Innocent Convicts. This documentary will be completed in 2017 and will appear on numerous PBS stations across the country. This is big news for supporters of the five Wisconsin men in this case as we advance in our fight to free all of them.

I hope that you will listen in.

As always, I am grateful for your interest in my mission and wish you all the best in the New Year!


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